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Why Physical Gold?

Why Physical Gold?


Owning physical gold is highly valued at Nubex as it is considered the best method for wealth preservation. While other options may seem enticing, they often come with risks that undermine the core benefits of gold as an asset. So, why should you buy physical gold?

There are numerous advantages to owning physical gold compared to electronic or paper gold. Despite the passage of more than a decade since the global recession, the global financial system still experiences instability, including volatile currency markets, rising inflation, and sluggish economic growth due to the ongoing pandemic and conflicts worldwide.

Gold serves as a reliable safeguard against turbulence. Physical gold is a timeless asset that retains its value and withstands the test of time. It offers ultimate insurance for preserving wealth during future financial crises in underperforming economies.

The recent pandemic has demonstrated how swiftly an unexpected global catastrophe can alter the economic landscape. Hundreds of billion ringgit were injected into the economy, resulting in record-high national debt. While these measures may have ensured the short-term continuation of the financial system, they have also led to inflation reaching levels not seen in decades, eroding the value of money held in banks.

While physical gold provides a safe haven, we do not recommend allocating your entire portfolio to gold. Instead, physical gold should complement your wealth portfolio, initially representing only 5-10% of your liquid assets. Whether you have modest savings as a pensioner or significant wealth as a billionaire business tycoon, holding physical gold in your possession is an excellent means of safeguarding your own and your family's future. Many investors choose to increase their allocation to gold over time, but starting with 5-10% is an ideal entry point. We encourage investors to diversify their wealth, as portfolio diversification is a prudent strategy to protect against risk. Just as property was a sound investment one or two decades ago, gold is currently a solid investment. We advise against putting all your assets in one place, and physical gold serves as the best hedge against your other investments.