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Welcome To The World of Nubex

Our Vision

We believe precious metals should be as good as medium of exchange that stand the test of time throughout centuries.

Driving Innovation of 1000 Year Old Industry Through Technology

At Nubex, we believe technology should be the heart of innovation, supporting the business model and sustain it. We keep improving our system over time to materialize the ecosystem that will benefit and protect the interest for all parties involved.

We are among the first few companies that sell precious metals and bullions online since 2009 and evolved into a full-fledged marketplace in 2020. We join the rank as one of the sellers inside the marketplace itself.

As an online trading platform that carries both its own products and output from other minters at competitive prices, Nubex (The Platform) is part of the team’s effort to innovate and modernise the precious metals industry. The main objective is to ensure the price discovery will be based on the true marketplace supply and demand. On our platform, Sellers are able to set their own prices for each product sold. Thanks to our pricing engine which allows Sellers to set either at a fixed price or at a premium over spot price.

The lowest price of a product will be the first to be available to a buyer. Normally, without marketplace, the sellers typically need to walk to a jewellery physical store. They have to come to a price consensus with the buyer (the store). The seller usually has to accept the losses around 20 - 30 percent from the spot market price to close the deal.

Reputation and Trust

Nubex is the most prominent name in Malaysia’s Precious Metals industry, founded in year 2009 with the mission to make precious metals as an alternative medium to preserve wealth. We have wealth of experience in dealing with local and global public listed companies, banking sectors as part of our portfolio

We are an authorized dealer for major international brands such as PAMP Suisse (Swiss), Perth Mint (Australia), Emirates Gold (Dubai), Scottsdale (USA).

In precious metal market, trust and reliability is the holy grail of the business. Apart of being prominent name in Malaysia, we are also working closely with government agencies as well as auditors in order to comply with all local and global regulations and providing transparency to all parties involved.

In order to maintain the service quality along with our system, we decided to acquire ISO certification by TUV Nord (, an international certification body which is established in Germany. Since our customers come from all over the world, there is a need for us to gain the recognition from an international body. First awarded on 26 January 2013, we obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification as a validation of our focus and determinations regarding standards and quality. Certified with the latest ISO 9001:2015, we strictly follow all ISO guidelines to serve customers better, providing the best service and promise goods to be delivered within the required time.

Customer Oriented Marketplace

Both buyers and sellers are the customers of the marketplace. At the same time, we are also one of the sellers on the platform, as well as a buyer from time to time. Being a customer of the platform, we will be able to identify the needs and improve the marketplace.

In order to create the best marketplace for all, feedbacks are really important to us. We listen to the feedbacks from our customers and evolve around these feedbacks. We take our customers seriously in terms of their needs, taking care of privacy information that should remain obscured or anonymous.

The Right Team and People

In 2020, we are excited to have new pool of talents joining us as the core team for the company. At Nubex, this time, we believe the foundation should be solidified with the right people with talent and attitude, that understand and subscribe to our vision and see the bigger picture. Most of our core members are able to elaborate in details such as how fractional reserve banking works and have financial literacy.

Maybe the next keyword is decentralization, just like blockchain.

Our Story

As a response to the 2008 financial crisis, our founders came together with the noble intention of promoting the preservation of wealth through precious metals, which resulted in the creation of the Nusantara Bullion Exchange (Nubex).

Being the first e-commerce marketplace to be available in Malaysia (even before the likes of Lazada and Shopee), Nubex specialised in the online retail trading of gold and silver products, a market that was previously dominated by brick and mortar jewellers, pawn shops and banks. Since 2009, Nubex has been establishing trust in the local precious metals market. From carrying established international and local brands; to producing our own precious metals products; along with our custom minting solutions and our Nubex Exchange marketplace platform, Nubex continues to offer viable solutions in the quest of promoting the preservation of wealth through precious metals.

Collaboration With Banking Sectors ( Ar-Rahn Partners )

Ar Rahnu or known as Ar Rahn is a short term mortgage or collateral whereby the possessions offered as security for a debt so that the debt will be taken from it in case the debtor failed to pay back the due money. Ar-Rahn is a permissible contract in Shariah (Islamic law).

There are several banks, development finance institution (DFI) and non banks that offer Ar-Rahnu facilities and we are officially one of the Ar-Rahnu partners for these institutions:

Quality Assurance ( ISO 9001:2015 )

In 2015, we acquired a factory in order to cater precious metals recycle business and custom product minting. We found that quality assurance is paramount to these two business sectors.

In order to maintain the service quality along with our system, we decided to acquire ISO certification by TUV Nord (, an international certification body which is established in Germany. Since our customers come from all over the world, there is a need for us to gain the recognition from an international body. First awarded in 26 January 2013, we obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification as a validation of our focus and determinations regarding standards and quality. Certified with the latest ISO 9001:2015, we strictly follow all ISO guidelines to serve customers better, providing the best service and promise goods to be delivered within the required time.

Award And Recognition


Nubex establishment as the first online gold and silver bullion dealer.


Nubex is the leading online distributor for Kelantan Gold Trade (KGT).


Nubex has been accredited with the first ISO certification (ISO 9001:2008) in the Trading of Precious Metals as a validation of our focus and determination regarding standards and quality.


Acquired a jewelry fabrication factory that has all the required facilities to venture into corporate gifts segment.

We have been chosen by MATRADE under Youth Exporters Development Programme (YEDP).


Certified with the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification in Trading of Precious Metals to maintain our standards and quality.

Awarded with a Four-Star Rating under the SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (Manufacturing & MRS).


We have been chosen for the Fraunhofer Programme conducted by SIRIM.

Nubex has been awarded as the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Malaysia by PUNB.

We have been selected as the Top 10 winners for 2017 Projek Video Malaysia (PROVIM) competition.

Retail Trading

Trading has always been Nubex’s bread and butter, giving us a steady stream of revenue since our inception in 2009. Our trading modus operandi is straightforward; we source bullion from overseas and local suppliers, then sell it to our customers. We are authorized dealers for some of the world’s largest refiners and producers, such as PAMP Suisse (Switzerland), Perth Mint (Australia), Emirates Gold (Dubai), Elemetal (USA) and Scottsdale (USA).

In 2011, we are the leading online distributor for Kelantan Gold Trade (KGT), distributing millions worth of gold dinar and silver dirham throughout Malaysia and the world.

In 2013, we obtained the ISO 9001 certification, validating our focus and determination towards our standards and quality. In 2015, along with the creation of Nubex Mint, we received a four-star rating from SME Corp under the SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE). SCORE is a diagnostic tool, which assigns star ratings to indicate the performance level of SMEs based on seven assessment criteria such as; financial strength, business performance, human resource, technology acquisition and adoption, certification, and market presence.

In the same year, we also received a grant from MATRADE under the Youth Exporters Development Programme (YEDP) which provides financial support, in the form of subsidised visits to international trade fairs and any other international trade promotional events; giving us more exposure, learning experience and scaling-up the company for the international market.

In 2017, we have been invited to join the Fraunhofer Programme conducted by SIRIM and was awarded as one of PUNB’s top 50 entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Although most of our sales are done through our website,, we maintain and operate a retail shop. A physical presence allows customers to shop and collect orders in person, thus providing more confidence towards Nubex.

In 2020, we are planning to offer auction platform as one of our product offerings to our loyal customers.


Gold, though it is a commodity, commands an aesthetic feature that draws people to it, compelling them to hold and keep it. Hence, the vision of the mint is to produce masterpieces, at the lowest price possible. This will attract people to buy our products, thus exposing them to the benefits of preserving wealth through gold.

The Nubex Mint growth is a validation of the market acceptance towards our strategy. Most of our products have been well received by customers, such as our Bi-Metal coin, “3 Qul”, which sold within 3 minutes of its launch.

The mint will also be focusing on promoting the benefits of holding gold via our “Precious Gift” line of products. Some of our clients for this product include Coca-Cola, Petronas, Bursa Malaysia, Al-Rajhi Bank, PKNS, Bank Rakyat and FELDA. Most of them offer the products as gifts to their employees and customers.

The mint, which is part of Nubex’s complete cycle, along with other entities, will be expanded beyond Malaysia. The most valuable experience we have learned from setting up our first mint in Malaysia is that we are able to significantly reduce the cost of setting up a new factory. We believe that a low setup cost is vital for us to be able to expand to other countries, as shown from our experience in Malaysia.

Reycle And Refining

Gold can be acquired through underground (produced from mines) and aboveground supplies (acquired from secondary markets and recycling activities). While the exchange serves as a catalyst for the secondary market and provide supply from the sellers, sourcing gold from recycling activities will make up part of Nubex’s complete cycle.

The vision of Nubex Recycle is to be the largest precious metal recycling company in every country with our presence.

Recycling is vital for the ecosystem due to its dependability.

Most countries do not produce their own gold, requiring them to import for local needs. A recycling center will be able to collect waste from local consumption and extract the gold, to be processed back into the finished product. This will reduce a country’s dependability on imported gold, thus minimizing the impact of balance of trade, import taxes, and expensive transportation and insurance costs. Furthermore, the cost of recycled gold will be far lower than imported ones, which usually comes with a premium over the gold price. Should there be supply issues, Nubex can independently produce and cater to the local demand without dependency on a third party.

We have already set up the necessary equipment for refining scrap to become pure gold, and is now integrated into our mint process flow.

Our plan is to source from scrap dealers or directly from customers, which requires us to expand the mint team to cover the recycling sourcing needs. Expansion of the mint facility is also needed to provide space for stockpiling the scrap metal. We are confident to gain more market share in precious metals with this “killing two birds with one stone” strategy, because:

1) We can reduce the cost of raw materials for our products

2) We will have the advantage over other scrap dealers by offering better prices to the sellers.

Initial research shows that having our own recycling entity will allow us to save as much as 30% on raw material costs

Up to year 2020, we have refining more than half ton of gold that meet the purity of 999.9 with losses that is almost negligible.

Exchange Platform

Instead of ending the complete cycle by just gaining customers, the exchange, by far our most exquisite entity, will allow Nubex to expand to the secondary market, thus extending the lifetime of our products in the process.

The exchange is specially designed for precious metal products, allowing sellers to meet buyers for a price discovery, and facilitate direct transactions between them. Although typical with other products, this platform is uncommon or even non-existent within the precious metals market. The major difference between Nubex exchange and other platforms is that items are required to be physically delivered to our center before sellers can sell them on the exchange. Nubex will then verify and authenticate the items, to protect buyers from forgeries or fakes.

The exchange will handle:

1) Electronic Trading Platforms

2) Fulfilment centres (storage)

3) Authentication

4) Payment processing

5) Delivery

Nubex Exchange creates value to customers by providing liquidity to the market, allowing them to easily trade precious metals via the platform, offering the lowest premium and the smallest spread compared to other bullion dealers.

On the buyer side: The exchange will inherit Nubex’s customer base, with more than 13,000 registered customers to date. Our core consumers, the gold bugs, are price-sensitive clients who will benefit greatly from the newly introduced platform.

The major highlight on the buyer’s side is the aggregation of supply from the secondary market, providing the opportunity for buyers to discover lower prices from a variety of sellers. In the bullion market where demand is extremely elastic, the exchange will be able to attract new buyers. In addition, the abundance of sellers will increase the variety of products, and, coupled with our track record since 2009, we are confident the exchange will gain high traction and increase Nubex’s market share.

On the seller side: Usually, precious metals are sold to bullion stores or goldsmiths that offer far lower than the spot price. Nubex Exchange on the other hand would enable sellers to enjoy higher gains by allowing them to set their own preferred price.

We’re expecting the early sellers in the exchange to come from Nubex’s customer base. From our record, customers’ sell back rate makes up almost 50% of Nubex’s total purchases. Over time, we believe sellers (i.e. gold bugs, traders, companies, and manufacturers) will be easily lured to our platform, as it allows them to sell at a higher price.